Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicago - Big City Living

Waterfront Chicago
Land of great architecture, the Great Lake, urban parks, delicious pizza and Big City living!  It was difficult to get much sunlight on the skin, not that we needed that.   Only at high noon when the skyscrapers did not cast shadows on all the sidewalks could you feel the sunlight for a moment.

Chicago skyline
Not use to the hustle and bustle of city life, Mike and I did our best to tour the city of Chicago in our own island style way!
Urban farm in the heart of Chicago!

To start we pricelined a 5-star hotel in downtown Chicago, for a cheap cheap price of only $65/night.  Unfortunately, we found out after booking the hotel room that parking in downtown, is not 25 cents per hour or $10 a day, how about $55-60 a day!!!  Whooo!  That cost us.

Our hotel in downtown Chicago

After sneaking Nelly into our hotel room on the 31st floor we enjoyed the views and a hot shower! 
View from room!
Nelly in the elevator heading to the 31st floor
Our first full day in the city we spent walking through Millennium Park, urban farms, the waterfront, a bar stop, the Big Bean and put in a good 10 miles on our shoes for the day.  We also enjoyed making fun of tourists zip by on segways, dodging them and hoping not to get run over!

Chicago marina
Big Bean
After completely burning ourselves out the first full-day in the city we went out to dinner to see what the Chicago deep-dish pizza was all about.  All I can say, is it is worth a taste or two or three!  Gooey, cheesy, thick slices of pizza are quite tasty in Chicago!

Mike in downtown Chicago!
We had hoped to go to the Chicago Art Institute the following morning, but found a line too long for us to patience through, so we explored the gift shop and continued on our way.

Next stop, Iowa truck stop.  After driving a good 8 hours through rolling corn and wheat fields we decided to call it a day and sleep in the back of the truck.  
Mike enjoying the Iowan ribs
However, not before enjoying a true Iowan meal of baby-back ribs!  One order of baby-back ribs was enough to last us through the following day!!

After Iowa, we drove straight through Nebraska and on to Colorado.  Nebraska was flat and you needn't worry about missing any scenery along the way, since it is the same all the way through, flat cornfield after cornfield.   

We welcomed 'Colorful Colorado'!


  1. I love the picture of Nelly being smuggled into the Hyatt! So glad you posted after leaving PT- helps with the missing of you. You have no choice but to continue blogging until Nov. 1. Keep up the great work for a full year of a wonderful blog.

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