Boat Food

Meals Prepared on the Tanqueray
cinnamon raisin bread
Grilled fish & potatos
Canned bean salad
Fruit from the Dominican Republic

Grouper fingers, white rice, whole wheat bread & green peppers
Fish, conch pasta sauce
Mackenzie & Susy preparing cinnamon rolls aboard Tanqueray
Cinnamon roll dough
Veggi's at the market in the DR
More veggi's at the market in the DR

Snack time
Huevos rancheros with pork & nachos - restaurant in DR (cost: $4)
Sauteed potatos, onion and pepper
Cheeseburger & fries from Lorraine's - Staniel Cay
Veggies in the DR
Onion rings
mahi mahi fish fingers with spicy mayo dipping sauce
onion rings
Fruit and veggi's in the DR
Tomato's tomato's tomato's
The meal - fish fingers, onion rings, fresh tomatos

romaine salad

Homemade cast-iron skillet pizza

Plantains from the DR

chocolate chip cookies - opps forgot to gimbal to stove
Cajon style cero
Brocolli asian noodles
Susy with a plate of seared tuna & wasabi
Maduros - sauteed in butter, ripe plantains

cinnamon rolls before oven
Hot out of the Oven!

Tuna before searing
tuna seared
Fruits from the DR
sushi sushi
Fish veracruz

Fish head soup 
More seared tuna
Fried fish for lunch

whole wheat bread straight out of the oven

sweet & sour fish with asian noodles and peas

oven roasted chicken with pumpkin & broccoli

grouper fingers

pizza slices

Bloody mary's

cinnamon rolls frosted with cream cheese frosting

healthy snacks

ants on a log - a.k.a. celery with peanut butter & raisins

artichoke & sundried tomato pizza

pesto pasta

curry coleslaw
cucumber & tomato salad
peach tarts

coleslaw and pasta salad

sushi rolls
upside down banana cake
broccoli cheddar soup
wild mushroom, cheesy, risotto style orzo
canned peach-cranberry tarts
black bean-garlic & bahamian cheddar tacos
Frying up a grunt 
Fried grunt with garlic & sweet chili sauce
whole wheat bread
Grouper with sweet chili sauce, noodles and canned peas 
Baked chicken rubbed with thyme,salt & pepper w/ pumpkin wedges 
whole wheat bread
Blackened Porgy along with fried conch on top of pesto pasta
Pepperoni Pizza!!
Laura with Artichoke Tapenade
Artichoke Tapenade
Wahoo topped bruschette
Chicken, Cole Slaw, and Pumpkin
Panko Fish
Pasta Salad
Banana Bread
Seafood Bouillabaisse
Panko Fish 
Pasta Salad
Lobster and Conch catch
Lobster, Conch, and Fish feast!!
Lobster and Fish
Lionfish Carpaccio 
Garlic Toast

Peach Cobbler
Land Crab Rice (prepared by JJ on Samana Cay)

Seared tuna with black sesame & wasabi
Fish taco

Peach Tarts

Seared Bonito with wasabi
Seared Bonito with sesame noodles

upside down pineapple cake

curried snapper with cabbage

makings for mahi-mahi tacos

Hans' delicious mahi fish tacos

conch fritters

conch fritter cornbread batter

coconuts from beach

pizza dough

pepperoni, sundried tomato pizza fresh out of the oven

Caper sautéed Hogfish

Wildrice, ceviche and sauteed lionfish

Lobster tails, crack conch and asparagus

Apple, cranberry pie - courtesy of Deb

Zucchini tacos

Lobster tails
zucchini tacos


Beet salad

Banana bread

cole slaw

Beef & broccoli

Lobster pad thai

mahi and pasta

tart crust

pumpkin tarts

pumpkin tart
conch salad

sweet potato fries

sweet potato fries and sesame, soy dipping sauce

Sweet & sour pork


Sweet potato hummus

sweet potato hummus

Provisioning Food List - (yes this was all stowed on our 32 foot sailboat!)

Apple cider vinegar 2
Apple dried 1
Apricots dried 2
Artichoke Jars 8
Bacon Bits 1
Baking Soda 1
Bamboo Shoots canned 2
BBQ Sauce 1
Bean Sprouts canned 2
Beans - Black canned  8
Beans - Garbanzo dry 2
Beans - Garbanzo, dry 1
Beans - Kidney canned 5
Beans - Pinto canned 1
Beans - Red canned 4
Beans - Refried Beans canned 1
Beans - Seasoned Peas & Beans 1
Beets canned 8
Boxed Milk 16
Brown sugar 2
Brownie Mix 3
Cereal 4
Chamomile Tea 1
Cherries dried 2
Chocolate Bars 15
Chocolate Mouse 2
Clams canned 2
Coconut Milk 3
Coffee 3
Coffee filter 1
Cookie Mix 2
Cookies 3
Cous Cous, 5 lbs. 1
Corn Beef Hash Cans 2
Corn Bread 5
Corn canned 7
Craisins 4
Cranberries canned 2
Creamer 1
Crystal Light boxes 4
Enchilada Sauce 4
Evaporated Milk 4
Flour 2
Garlic Oil 1
Graham Crackers 1
Green Beans canned 3
Green chilis canned 1
Hibiscus Tea Boxes 4
Instant Mashed Potatoes  9
Jam 4
Juice Concentrates 4
Kalamata Olives 2
Ketchup 2
Lemon Bar Mix 1
Lemon Concentrate 1
Lemonade 1
Lentils dry 1
Mac & Cheese 1
Mandarins canned 8
Marshmellow 1
Noodles, Simply Asia  3
Nuts (Peanut, Brazil, Hazel) 3
Olive Oil 3
Olives 1
Oysters canned 1
Pad Thai Noodles 3
Pancake Mix 1
Pasta 2
Pasta - Angel Hair 1
Pasta - Fetucini 1
Pasta - Gnocchi 1
Pasta - Lasagna 1
Pasta - Orzo 1
Peaches canned 4
Pears canned 12
Pesto 2
Pigeon Peas 1
Pineapple Slices canned 4
Pizza Crust 9
Pizza Sauce 1
Polenta 1
Popcorn Kernels 1
Pretzels 2
Prunes 3
Pumpkin canned 2
Quick Oats 2
Raisins, yellow 1
Rice, 30 lb. 1
Rice A Roni boxes 2
Salami 4
Salsa jar 1
Sardines canned 3
Souerkraut canned 3
Soy Sauce 3
Spam 1
Sponges 12
Starbucks double shots 4
Stewed Tomatoes canned 13
Sugar 2
Sundried Tomoto Jars 4
Sweet & Sour Sauce 1
Tabasco Sauce 1
Taco/Fajita Seasoning 4
Tahini jar 1
Tang 1
Tea - Peppermint Tea 2
Tea - Red Spice Tea 4
Tomato Paste can 6
Tomato Sauce can 7
Water Chestnuts can 2
Yeast packets 12
Yellow Curry Powder 1

We have a small refrigerator that we are using as an ice box, since we have not gotten the refrigeration to work yet. This means every few days we need to buy ice and refill the box to keep our groceries fresh. We have learned, though, that there are several grocery items that do not require refrigeration.

These include:
Most fruits and vegetables
Cheese (can be kept out in olive oil to stay preserved)

Note: We'll add to the list as we find new items, please let us know if you know of any preservation techniques or food items that don't need refrigeration, as we will need to be provisioning the boat soon for the Bahamas and do not have tons of room in our ice box.