Read Nelly Chronicles for more on the voice of Nelly!

A one year old calico, that's our cat, Nelly. We decided to take Nelly on the trip with us to the Bahamas for the companionship and the fact that she's our pet and we would try anything at least once, well maybe more than that!

When we first got Nelly, that would be me, picking her up from a box outside of a grocery store, when Mike thought I was just running errands, we said that $500 was probably the limit that we would spend on a cat. That's what Mike told me. But, it seems to be adding up pretty fast, especially when you have vet bills to clear your pet into another country and start paying for tickets to fly them cross-country and then need to buy them new carrier cages and relaxing medications to handle all the change. What do we do when we hit our limit? We haven't discussed that yet...

Then when she punches a whole in your dodger after the first week and proceeds to pee and poop in your bed, you begin to wonder, did I make the right decision? We hope that was just her time to adapt to her new environment. She's fun, playful and loving, at least in our minds, and she seems to be loving the BOAT LIFESTYLE and adjusting.

The next task at hand is figuring out the litter box situation. Currently, she'll scratch and dig holes in the litter that ends up all over the boat and we end up with a daily sweeping a scrub down job. We've tried using a screen to cover the litter, but that's what led us to the pee and poop incident in our bedroom, so we're a little afraid to go back to that method, at least for the time being. Maybe an igloo? Let us know if you have any ideas!