Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Know You Live on a Boat In The Bahamas When:

Tanqueray anchored at Pipe Creek, Exumas, Bahamas

Swimming is a daily activity!
You've reached your maximum tan.
You no longer communicate with cell phones, but with the VHF.
You listen ("eavesdrop") to other conversations on the VHF.
You break your can opener.
You break your replacement can opener.
You are stingy with your fresh water, washing & bathing in salt water as much as possible.
Your wild nights are in a town of 300 where you meet everyone in town in the first 5 minutes & are in bed by 10pm.
Night time entertainment is a game of cards or reading a good book and not a movie or TV show.
The latest product in your hair is the salt from the sea.
You dream of HOT SHOWERS, hey, maybe even COLD showers...
You worry about the head (toilet) breaking.
All your valuables are stored in zip-lock bags.
When it’s not unusual to hit your head once a day.
When your wardrobe consists of 90% swimsuits.
You look for the green flash in the sunsets.
Fishing is considered an arm workout.
You use vocabulary like: scuppers, stanchions, jib, leeward, forestay, bow, stern, forward, aft, companionway, cockpit, halyard.....
You listen to the weather forecast instead of the news every morning.
You reuse ziplock bags.
Your recycling bin consists of burnables, compostables, and sinkable's.
You use a sea sponge for a dish sponge.
You tape your cupboards shut.
You have a new waterfront view everyday.
Your center of balance is no longer standing straight, but leaning at a 30 degree angle.
You drink warm cocktails, occasionally warm beer, if you are lucky enough to get it.
You line dry your laundry.
You consider letting your husband cut your hair.
You get Internet 3 times a month instead of 3 times a day.
You speak in units of knots instead of miles per hour.
You compare things like: length, draft & speed with your neighbors.
There are not enough words to describe the variations in the color blue.
Pipe Creek, Exumas
Happy hour doesn’t have to start at 3pm and end at 6pm.
Fish is a daily part of your diet.
In terms of keeping your home clean, sand, salt and mildew are your worst enemies.
Leaving the head (toilet) valve open could sink your home.
All your lights are LED & you monitor your power usage daily.
You use port and starboard for left and right.
Parking requires an anchor.
Wind is your best friend and worst enemy.
You cook with propane.
You are excited when you make a tray of ice cubes in a day.
You NEVER wear socks.
You rarely brush your hair.
Visiting the neighbors requires a dingy ride.
Practically everyone on the SEA is your new best friend and is willing to lend a helping hand!
Pitts Town, Crooked Island
......the joys of seamanship in the Bahamas!


  1. Love this post, Sara! Love the colorful houses of Pitts Town. Thinking of you today and hoping you catch the largest Lion fish ever!

  2. You guys this was such a good post. I fell over laughing as I recognized the truth in each statement, and realized that those are the very reasons that I love the cruising life.

  3. One post and I feel like I'm back on the boat with you two... That sunset photo is AMAZING! -Emy

  4. Clearly, you two are young. Bedtime for the over-fifties cruisers is 8:30 or 9:00. Everything else is spot on! Great post and beautiful sunset. Miss you two.

    1. haha - our bedtime is sliding up as we get closer to the states and out of retirement :(

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