Latest Travels:
1/12/12   Jumentos
1/25/12   Georgetown
2/7/12     Long Island
2/8/12     Conception Island
2/10/12   Rum Cay
2/11/12   Clarence Town, Long Island
2/18/12   Landrail Point, Crooked Island
2/20/12   French Wells, Crooked Island
2/25/12   Atwood Harbor, Acklins Island
2/29/12   Samana Cay
3/4/12     Cat Island
3/11/12   Clarence Town, Long Island
3/16/12   Landrail Point, Crooked Island
3/22/12   Fish Cay, Bight of Acklins
3/23/12   South tip of Acklins Island
3/24/12   Castle Island
3/26/12   Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana
3/29/12   French Cay, Caicos
3/31/12   Luperon, Dominican Republic
4/18/12   French Cay, Caicos
4/19/12   Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana
4/21/12   Attwood Harbor, Acklins Island
4/23/12  Lovely Bay, Acklins Island
4/24/12  Attwood Harbor, Acklins Island
4/25/12  Landrail Point, Crooked Island
4/28/12  Nelson Point, Rum Cay
5/2/12    Flamingo Bay, Rum Cay
5/3/12    Conception Island
5/4/12    New Bight, Cat Island
5/5/12    Pigeon Cay, Cat Island
5/9/12    Little San Salvador
5/10/12  Hawks Nest, Cat Island
5/12/12  Fernandez Bay, Cat Island
5/14/12  Staniel Cay, Exumas
5/19/12  Stocking Island/Georgetown, Exumas
5/31/12  Pipe Creek, Exumas
6/11/12  Governors Harbor, Eleuthra
6/13/12  Gregory Town, Eleuthra
6/14/12  Current Settlement, Eleuthra
6/15/12  Spanish Wells, Eleuthra
6/16/12  Harbor Island, Eleuthra

We made it to Nassau for Christmas, now we plan to head South to the Exumas.

Check our SPOT tracker to see our route!  We plan to leave around 3am Saturday morning (east coast time).

We are working our way south down the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) and then planning our crossing into the Bahamas sometime around mid-December, clearing Customs in Bimini. This is assuming everything is ready and I have received my passport! From there we plan to cut over to the Berry Islands and then on to Nassau and then leap over to the Exumas. From there it's pretty open, but we want to head to Crooked Island and further South to the Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic and maybe British Virgin Islands. On the way home, we've discussed heading back up the Intercoastal from North Carolina to New York or even as far North as Maine. We'll, see!  Here's a map of the Bahamas for your reference.

Below are some of the stops we have made so far:

Nov. 27, 2011 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Nov. 22, 2011 - Daytona Beach, Florida

Nov. 18, 2011 - Palatka, Florida (off boat for a night)

Nov. 16, 2011 - St. Augustine, Florida

Nov. 13, 2011 - Cumberland Island, Georgia (North of Fernandina)

Nov. 9, 2011 - Fernandina Beach, Florida

Nov. 3, 2011 - Beaufort, South Carolina

Nov. 1, 2011 - Charleston, South Carolina (pick up the boat from Mary & Daubie)