Monday, January 9, 2012

Conch Cleaning

Imagine giant sea snails, with lots and lots of slime.  That’s what conch are like and this is what we eat!  They live in beautiful pink shells that people like to collect for horns and are easy to spot when snorkeling, once you know what to look for.  They lie on the sea floor bottom usually disguised in grass or sand.  However, cleaning conch is a whole other story.

Luckily for us, Mike is an experienced conch cleaner and very sophisticated in his cleaning method.  He taught me, on day one, how to clean a conch without being slimed!  This is a huge deal for those that know what it means to be slimed by conch.  The stuff doesn’t come off for days!!  

Step one: Gather tools (hammer, screw driver, mallet, knife) and head to the beach, far away from your boat as possible!

Step two: Hammer slit with screwdriver between second and third ridge on conch shell, about 1-2 inches in length.

Step three:  Place knife in slit and cut muscle away from shell.  Knife must be sharpened.

Step four:  Grab claw and pull conch out of shell.  If it does not want to come out, continue with step three.

Step five:  Most Important step if you do not want to be slimed!!!  Only hold on to claw and cut eyes and nostril off conch immediately, as well as the slimy pink skirt.  You should be left with just the white meat and brown skin that needs to be shaved off with the knife.

Step six:  Once cleaned, set conch meat on fish cutting board and hammer with mallet until almost see through.  

Step seven: Use in conch salad, crack conch or fry up into conch fritters and enjoy!!


  1. I love conch. Nice work on the cleaning explanation. That is the most beautiful conch salad I have ever seen....ok, I am finally jealous! Yum.

  2. I second that!
    My mouth is watering !!

  3. Ummmm.. Love that conch, cracked, fritters, fried and chowder.

    Mary and I were anchored right there where you are today, Little Majors Spot, January 2 thru the 5th or 6th of 1977. Just went back and reread the old log book. Lots of partys with other boats, good diving in the cut, and the rum we won at the Staniel Cay Regatta.

  4. only 3 words totally disgustingly gross- so are sea slugs on the menu too......just kidding I am sure they are delicious as long as some one else cleans them......the whole slime thing really turns me off ha

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