Friday, January 20, 2012

Nelly Chronicles Part 12

Suicide at Pipe Creek
Written by Mike “Daubie” Daubenberger in the voice of Nelly the cat

My people can’t read the signs!  Time to give them a scare.  We had just moved anchorages after the boys (Hans and Mike) returned home with a feast, a human feast that is, 8 conchs and a grouper.  Yuk!  Not ten minutes after we had arrived my people loaded into the dinghy and headed to shore.  Did they ask if I wanted to come?  No!  Did they offer me a treat?  No!  I can’t have them dashing of like this; I get no attention anymore.  It was apparent they needed a lesson. 

Since my last swim in Nassau, I assumed they had installed a cat ladder for cat swimming exercises.  Boy was I wrong!  Where we were anchored there was a lot of current so I jumped off from the bow and enjoyed a lazy Susan float down to the stern.  That’s when things went all wrong; there was no cat ladder just a shiny stainless steel human ladder.  I latched on with all four claws and tried to get a grip but my claws would not sink in.  I had heard stories of cats getting “Supercat” strength in life and death situations.  I was able to climb the swim ladder and launch myself onto the back of the boat.  A little suicide scare quickly turned into a near death experience. 

Sara arrived back at the boat just in time to see me all wet and disheveled and I think I made an impression!!  She coddled me and rinsed me off with a big jug of precious warm water.  My first bath!!  All night I was treated to the whispers of my people.  “Can you believe Nelly fell in?  Thank God she got back onboard, it would have been so sad if we lost her.  We need to get the cat ladder installed before we lose a family member. “     Guess I won’t be trying that stunt again!


  1. Maybe a kitty harness would be a good idea and then you could take her ashore on a leash. Poor Nelly! She must have been so scared. Give her a good shoulder rub for me. Snow is starting to melt...

  2. Nellie, I like the wet fur look, very Chic.

  3. Whoa Nelly! Sorry, I've been waiting to say that for a month now.

    You and your masters are all having quite an adventure! Things are the usual here in Portlandia--rain, snow, rain...Glad to see you are still enjoying yourselves.