Friday, January 6, 2012

Nelly Chronicles Part 10

Three Things I Love About The Bahamas

In the voice of Nelly by Mike "Daubie" Daubenberger

Soo much for a cat to love about the Bahamas but these are the three things I love the most.

1.  The Water!! After months of wandering through the inter-coastal waterway I finally have something to look at other than the open sky.  Don't get me wrong I love birds and fantasizing about the many ways to kill them but I do like a change in scenery and the birds seldom land on the boat.  They are a little of a tease.  The water!  You can see down, deep down into the water!  There's fish down there, dolphin, lobsters, conch, and more.  A cat can spend all day looking down into the depths daydreaming of what it would be like to be a diving cat.  Yes, a diving cat with tank and mask and BCD, chasing fish and attacking squid.  Not for food but for sport!!

2.  The Fish!!  As I stated before, not for eating of course.  I don't like fish unless its canned solid white albacore.  No thanks to this raw fish that my people keep trying to stick in my bowl.  Each time I have to pull it out and lay it on the floor so there's no cross contamination with my delicious kibbles, Purina of course.  I'm not sure if they will ever learn.  Maybe next time I'll try tucking it under one of their pillows.  That will show them!!  No, I love the fish because it's always a different sea monster brought up on the boat.  I never even knew these creatures existed and now I'm learning their names and how to identify them.  It's a lot of fun!!  I just wish my people would let me take a look at their fish book, "The Florida Sportfishing Guide".  Most of all I love the smiles and the look in my peoples eyes when they haul one aboard.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for a human smile!!

3.  The Beaches!!  The beaches or should I say litter boxes here are beautiful.  Every kitties dream!!  Fine white sand beaches deeper than a kitty could ever dig!!  I had heard tales about these beaches but never believed they were true.  The first time my people took me to the beach I hopped out and started digging.  6 inches, a foot, no bottom in sight, time to do my business!  Another hole for number 2.  I buried them so deep no one will ever find them.  Not even a pirate looking for his gold.  Did I say I love the beaches!!!

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  1. I seriously envy that cat. I haven't had the pleasure of spending time in the Bahamas and it looks like it's enjoying itself right there.