Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreaming of the Jumentos

We’ve made the decision to travel south with Hans from the Exuma’s to the Jumentos.  Hans has traveled through the Bahamas twice on his own boat and twice with his family, but he has never been to the Jumentos.  So, the choice clearly seemed like a good one.  Traveling the unknown, uncharted territories, is always an adventure in itself and these little islands hold a marvel that keep drawing us nearer.
Hans at the helm
The Jumento cays are just south of Great Exuma, but north of the Ragged Islands.  They are an elusive chain of islands with very little land and lots of reefs.  Many people talk of these islands, but never make it out that far.  There are lots of cruisers that get stuck in Georgetown, if they are lucky.  Many never leave Florida, constantly working on their boat.  Well, so far we're on the right course, we've made it out of Florida.
Cave at Flamingo Cay
Georgetown is a fun place to hang out because there are lots of other cruisers here to socialize with and there's the Cruiser's Net (Channel 68 every morning at 8am) where all the daily activities are announced.  When you are isolated on a boat, sometimes you crave that relationship with other like individuals, friends.  Georgetown is the cruisers hub of the Bahamas, several hundred boats are anchored in Elizabeth Harbor year round, excluding the summer months (hurricane season). We will be stopping in Georgetown on our way back from the Jumentos.  Right now, we are in search of the desolate, new and untouched islands, less people, more fish, better snorkeling!
Snorkeling at Jamaica Cay
Trigger fish


  1. Amazing pictures! Can't wait to stick my head in the water. Love, Daubie

  2. Great underwater shots guys, wish I was there again!

  3. what kind of underwater camera do you have? i have one, but my underwater shots aren't that great and the pics are always a little cloudy...yours look fantastic :)