Friday, January 13, 2012

Nelly Chronicles Part 11

Exuma Life
Written by Mike “Daubie” Daubenberger in the voice of Nelly the cat

The 27th of December, the weather was right and it was time to leave Nassau for the adventures of Exuma life.  I had heard lots about the Exuma Islands from my people and was particularly excited to visit Allan’s Cay, our first stop in the Exumas.  It has Iguana’s.  I couldn’t wait to see the little lizards. 

Well, the sails were set and we started heading southeast under a light breeze.  I was situated in my favorite spot, in the stack pack, the sail cover for the main but two hours into the trip the breeze came up.  I dashed into my hideout under the dodger as my people shortened the canvas and we raced down to the Exumas.  It seemed as if we had hardly left and we were approaching the destination fast.  35 nautical miles away!!  Sailing 8 knots on a beam reach with a 25 knot breeze.  What a trip!  My crew sure can sail.

By two o’clock we had arrived and dropped the hook.  Mike and Sara were getting prepared to head to the beach and without me!  I gave them a quick meow to let them know I wanted to come and Mike just laughed.  Apparently pets aren’t allowed on account of the lizards.  I love lizards!  They remind me of dinosaurs and my ancestors, the Saber Tooth Tiger. 

The Exumas have been like that so far, a big disappointment.  Sure the islands and the crystal clear waters are beautiful but do I ever get to enjoy them? No!!  No swimming, no beach walks, no fun.  I just eat, sleep, and mope around.  I think I might be getting fat.  I hope my people can read the signs of depression.


  1. Nelly it hurts me to hear of your neglection. Cat depression is a serious problem and is often coupled with a tendency to over eat. I see from your other posts that you are staying away from rich foods and from raw foods which can cause digestive problems resulting in an over use of the litter box. This is a good thing, but I think you need to cut down a bit on the kibble intake.

    I've noticed from some of your photos that you do seem to be spreading a little. If you can exchange one or two of those visits to the kibble bowl for a 20 minute workout, I think you will find that it will not only ease your depression issues but also help greatly with the weight gain problem.

    Give it a try. Your friend and admirer Doctor D

  2. dear doctor d
    so where did you get your doctoring degree? you should know I had a little talk with the swimming pigs ,and they advised I avoid water work outs as the nurse sharks are quite fierce and not empathetic at all-I wonder why they call them nurse sharks?
    any way dr d i may be putting it on but i think i look good (at least thats what the pigs said)
    they advised i rest in the sun as much as possible,eat freely of the cat kibble and they even were willing to try a little of it to see if it was the right kind for me (it was and they found it delicious)
    my depression may stem from lonliness,the people are always leaving,i would sure enjoy if some of the relatives could send me a play mate.i hear sara's house is filled with cool and friendly play mates??
    any way maybe you all could pitch in and send some play things my way,i already tryed exercise and it wass not my thing.whew swimming in that water can be exhausting!!!
    so dr d i am going to keep eating,any new ideas feel free to send my internet time is limited but i can usually get on when they walk on the beach and kiss.........