Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Wedding

September 17, 2011 - Sundborg-Daubenberger Wedding
Fort Worden Park, Port Townsend, WA

"WHEW", was our first thought after the ceremony!  It was not just the wedding nerves, but the whole wedding week leading up to this BIG DAY!!  A bit stressful, but lots of fun and definitely worth it!  Plus a great party with practically our WHOLE EXTENDED FAMILIES and ALL our FRIENDS in attendance!!  The ceremony was a spectacular event, officiated by Barbara Bleakley, who did an amazing job and spent so much time with us to prepare.  Thank you Barb!  Everyone chipped in with this wedding celebration.  The flowers were grown all year long by Mike's mother, Mary.

The stacked vases were made by Hillary Metzger and the table bouquets were put together by Joan Reijnen.  The Alaskan salmon was caught by my sister, Stacy, and all individually filleted (150 lbs.)!  Many of the appetizers were home-made by friends and family (Jana Fili, Anna Abatzaglou, Kelli Sundborg).  The music was d.j.ed by Chris Marin, who also helped with all the sound systems in the ceremony, which was powered by solar panels!  All the china plates were hand collected by my mom and mike's mom and ourselves!!  My sister, Susy, performed a beautiful song that she wrote for us in the ceremony and my cousin Mackenzie Sundborg and our friend Arendt Speser gave the readings in the ceremony.  Also, thank you to Janette Force, for at the reception and keeping everything on a schedule!  And a final thanks to Mike's neighbor and close friend Dean Lebens for building the arbor used at the ceremony and BBQing all the salmon for the reception!  Of course there's lots more thanks to be made, but I don't want to bore the readers much longer.  So, the ceremony was flawless, the reception priceless, the company great, the drinks unlimited, the dancing never-ending, the food to die for and the ending perfect!  The celebration was closed down by the Port Townsend sheriff himself along with the fire trucks and ambulance!!!  Apparently, a fog machine on the dance floor was not such a good idea after all :)  No one was arrested and everyone went there merry ways, with more booze than could be drank.  Thanks to everyone for your support and involvement in this special day of ours!


  1. Is that a flower garden in the second picture? Great work on the vases btw. I assume that the technique's viability decreases as the number of children attending the event increases though.

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  2. Really fabulous share it was! We also hosted a destination boho themed wedding and picked one of the prettiest outdoor wedding venues Los Angeles for the day. It was a wonderful party that I and my hubby planned and plotted together. Can’t forget all of the excited and happiness of that day.