Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We returned from our Panama honeymoon homeless and I never knew homelessness could be so good.  If you have to do it, I recommend the following steps:
  1. Meet John and Dorothy Parkin my Boss and his wife and a couple of the kindest people around. 
  2. Move into John and Dorothy's downstairs bedroom, complete with full kitchen, bathroom, and living room.  (We were not the first and surely will not be the last.)
  3. Enjoy!!
Sara and I moved in with the Parkin's shortly after we returned from Panama for our last two weeks of work before we set sail on the Tanqueray.  Life couldn't be any better!  It was like being in high school again at the age of thirty with great wine.  What a family we stumbled into! Our typical evening would consist of returning home from work to a kitchen filled with the wonderful smells of Dorothy's dinner, as dinner approached John would depart down to the cellar and bring out a prized bottle or two of Shiraz.   We would then sit down and attempt to devour the feast set out before us.  A difficult task and one that led to many food comas. 

Thank you John and Dorothy for making homelessness so pleasurable, we look forward to moving back in when we return!! 

By, Michael Daubenberger

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  1. Just read this post today. What a gift of friendship John and Dorothy have given you. Special, special folks!