Monday, June 25, 2012

Pipe Creek Retreat

Tanqueray anchored at Pipe Creek

After our final visitors of a 5-week stretch departed from Staniel Cay, Mike and I retreated back to the Pipe Creek area.  Here we explored the vicinity and relaxed for a whole week before continuing northeast to Eleuthra Island.

We spent the better part of a week, relaxing at Pipe Creek, but also checking out the Pipe Creek area, sailing through the cays of Compass, Foul, Bell, Sampson, Overyonder, Thomas and Pipe.

Sailing into Compass Cay
Sailing out the cut
conch salad
We attempted bonefishing in the shallows with defeat from catching them, but not without sighting them.  We spent hours upon hours of reading and lounging in the cockpit, dipping in for a swim now and then when the heat was too much to bear.  We went conch grazing with great success, collecting extra to take on the voyage to Eleuthra with us.

Compass Cay channel
Apricot swirl bread
We snorkeled the cuts and the outside reef, also snorkeling the rare pillar coral.  I speared my first Nassau grouper, Strawberry grouper and Porgy, with a three-prong spear, I might add.  They weren’t the biggest fish in the World, but they were my catch!

strawberry grouper
nassau grouper
fish tacos
Mike & Sara's Porgy lunch
We hung out with a new made friend, Humbert, from Hattie Cay, whom we met after Mike speared his hand with the Hawaiian sling.  He kindly helped us with medical supplies for his hand and offered us some beers.  Luckily we were able to close the wound with butterfly bandages instead of stiches from the nurse in town.
Hattie's Cay

And to tell you the truth, the real reason for spending the week at Pipe Creek besides it’s aesthetic natural beauty, was to partake in the Lionfish Tournament/Cook-off happening the up-coming weekend. 
Tanqueray and Sara at Pipe Creek
chocolate chip cookies - boat baked.
We’ve had lots of practice this year spearing Lionfish, but apparently not enough.  The Bahamian teams brought them in by the hundreds!

We did not register for the event because our trust-worthy dingy “Tonic” was not up for the haul.  However, we went into Staniel Cay to see the results, partake in the party, and taste the cook-off dishes of the Lionfish catch.  My favorite dish was a Lionfish chowder topped with caramelized onions and served with veggie rice.  Mmmm  Mmmm.

The next morning, we got up at 6:30am and set sail by 7am for our crossing over to Eleuthra Island.  It took us 1.5 days, stopping over night the first day just off Powell Point to arrive at Governors Harbor the next afternoon, 70 miles in total distance.

Mike & Nelly (thanks for the sunglasses Kevin!)
Dusk at Pipe Creek
Nelly manning the bimini


  1. Can't figure out how they could catch so many Lionfish and there could still be so many out there! Great pictures of one of my favorite places. Glad you had a relaxing week (except for the hand injury).

  2. All of your would be customers want to know if Nellie the Cat goes with the boat.
    It appears that after seeing her in action they feel she would be a better boat guard than a dog.

  3. ahhhhh - so nice! That week of relaxation sounds nice! Miss you guys --cindy

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