Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Away From Home

Map of Fort Pierce, Florida
We’ve spent the last 3 weeks in Fort Pierce, Florida, since crossing the Gulf Stream.  Leaving the pristine Bahama islands was difficult, but Florida and our friends have made it a slow transition back to Land.

Luckily for us, our stay hasn’t been on the hook or at an expensive marina.  Our newly made friends from the Abacos, Ken and Diana, took us under their wings.

Ken, Mike and Diana in the kitchen preparing dinner
They have been gracious hosts; making us feel at home, giving us a room in their house, letting us tie our boat to their dock, helping us find a car for our road-trip home, feeding us spectacular homemade dinners, babysitting Nelly during our Keys road-trip and offering to show the boat if necessary while we were out of town. 
Ken and some of the pets in the kitchen

Sara sorting through & cleaning Bahama shell collection
What more could you ask of people you had met for less than a week while on vacation, some may even say just acquaintances.
Sunset view from front of house
Well, the Walker’s are not just acquaintances to us, at least not anymore, whether they like it or not; they are like our second family, home away from home.  

Dock and boats
Neighbors - Jeff & Katherine's boat 
Their generosity has made our transition back into the states comfortable, easy, fun and stress-free.   We want to give a big thanks to Ken, Diana and their son Scott.  It’s been a great few weeks and we couldn’t imagine a better place to be.
Mike going up the mast, Scott hoisting the halyard
Mike ready
Ken sending up tools 
Even Nelly, the spoiled 'Only Child', has adapted to living with a family of two dogs and two cats.

Nelly guarding her room in the house

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