Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tanqueray For Sale

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Yes folks, the Tanqueray has had her last voyage.  We crossed the Gulf Stream from the Abacos to Fort Pierce, FL a week ago today.  It was a smooth sail, but also a bitter-sweet sail, knowing that our trip was coming to an end.
Sara on Tanqueray - heading back to Florida
Mike sailing her into Fort Pierce, FL
However, we hope that, as it may be 'our' last trip on the Tanqueray, it will not be 'her' last trip.  We are looking for the right owners now, who want an adventure of their own.

Last sunset in the Bahamas - one word "Magical"!
The Tanqueray is a sturdy, well-crafted sailboat, fully equipped and ready to head back south.  We are willing to negotiate on price to make your dream happen.  Please contact us if interested and/or you'd like to schedule a visit.
Tanqueray sailing into Fort Pierce 
Tanqueray docked at our friends the Walkers house in Fort Pierce.
Tied up beside the yellow catamaran Kopy Kat.
Mike's final Bahama profile
Tanqueray's topside looking good
Chart table

Tanqueray's salon - ready for the next owner to move-in!!!
View from the companionway

Our new ride a Ford F150 to cross the country in on our road trip back to the west coast.


  1. I'm feeling a little sad to see her go myself. As excited as I am to have you both home and close by, I had some of the best sailing trips (and I've had many) of my life on the Tanqueray.

    First when Mary and I took her from the Northern Chesapeake to Charleston SC and we got to know her. I remember our first 20 mile passage close hauled in 20 kts of wind, when I realized what a good cruiser she would make. Not only roomy, but dry and fast in knarly conditions.

    My time with you in the Bahamas only served to enhance my respect for the Tanqueray. She is fast, comfortable and lives extremely well.

    Nice galley, great sleeping accommodations with plenty of privacy, ability to make ice for cold drinks from the power of the sun. I love the swim step and easy access to the water. The stack pack and roller furling make for easy sail handling.

    I'm only sorry I can't own her myself at this moment in time.

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