Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Farewell to Hans & The Exumas

Superbowl Sunday!  We head out to the marina in town to watch the game and of course, The Commercials.  Tonight is Hans' last night, so of course, everyone must do at least one farewell shot!  We get back to the boat around 10pm (which, let me remind you, is a late night for cruisers!) and immediately start packing away our 20 conch shells, trying to fit them safely in Hans' luggage.  He has souvenirs and we have gifts, thank you for the delivery Hans!

Five thirty the next morning, the alarm goes off, bags are packed and Mike & Hans jump into the dingy to head into town so Hans can catch his 7:30 am flight to Nassau.  I try to fall back asleep, but so much to do, I get out of bed, brew a cup of coffee and start the day.

Lots of cleaning and stowing is involved.  We've eaten through a couple of our bins of food and I'm able to maximize space by re-shuffeling everything into less bins and shoving miscellaneous clutter into the newly emptied bins.  Organizing, is a key skill required by sailors, luckily, I am pretty good at that, Mike is not.  Packing our bins of food and the refrigerator is like playing a game of tetras.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading to Long Island, so today is full of last minute activities:  internet, laundry, phone calls, grocery shopping, water, garbage drop off, calling cards, cleaning, stowing.  It is a busy day!  Who said we weren't busy??  
Elizabeth Harbor
We listened to the weather forecast at 6:45 am, after coffee & a bowl of cereal.  According to Chris Parker (the weather goo-roo), which we pick up on single side band radio, we're suppose to have light southeasterly winds of 10-13 knots tomorrow.  Our trip to Long Island is approximately 30 miles and we'll be heading to the northwest end of the island.  With light winds, this may take us all day, but we are ready to hit the road traveling again!!
Diving into the deep blue
Farewell beautiful Exumas and farewell to Hans.  We've enjoyed the beautiful white sand beaches, the amazing snorkeling and the cute little Bahamian towns.  Hans was a great asset to have aboard on the boat, teaching us how to trim the sails, getting a little more speed out of the Tanqueray and new ways to anchor under sail (i.e. back winding - when you use the main sail to go in reverse and pull back on the anchor to set it).  He not only shared his knowledge of the Bahamas, but gave us a new appreciation for the warmth and the warm waters and beaches.  He is heading back now, to cold Washington weather, which is difficult for either of us to comprehend right now, in our shorts and swimsuits.
Hans at the helm of Twilight
Stay tuned for news on Daubie's arrival (Mike's Dad), our crossing to Long Island, Boat food and Nelly's Chronicles.

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