Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Island

Long Island Road-trip 2012!  The four of us, Max, Laura, Mike and I rented a jeep for two days and drove all over the island, making it as far as the north-end at Santa Maria.  It was slow progress the first day, but we made more distance on day two and we were more accustomed to the driving on the left had side of the road and waving to every car that passes by.

The World's deepest blue hole is in Long Island and we were able to swim and dive into it and also see some free divers preparing to dive the hole.  We made several stops at Max's Conch Bar, famous for his handmade conch salad, which is the best that I've tasted yet!

We ran into our friends Skip and Carol the first day. On Valentine's day, we all enjoyed a great picnic on the beach: pasta salad, hummus, dark & stormy's.  Mike climbed a coconut palm and twisted off four large coconuts for us.  We stopped at the Stella Maris Resort for drinks and a walk on their beach.  The last day with the car we picked up Daubie at the airport and planned our trip south to Crooked Island!  Pictures do more justice than words - see our adventures below ~

Dean's Blue Hole
Sara & Mike at Blue Hole

Laura & Max at Blue Hole
Monument on north-end of island - dedicated to the
island natives and the arrival of Christopher Columbus
Sunset from Long Island
Picnic on the beach - Skip, Mike, Sara, Max 
Stella Maris resort
On beach at north-end of Long Island - Stella Maris Resort
Laura, Max, Mike, Sara on beach at Long Island 
Mike on ocean side beach, north of Clarence Town
Mike and Skip
Mike picking coconuts for the gang.
Sara & Laura at ocean side beach on Long Island
Hiking up to the monument on north end of Long Island
View from monument
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made aboard Twilight

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  1. Nice job climbing that Coconut tree, Mike! Beautiful sunset- reminds me of a Linda Okazaki painting. This post was outstanding. Raining and cold here.