Friday, November 18, 2011

The Nelly Chronicles Part 2

The Nelly Chronicles Part 2
by "Daubie" Jim Daubenberger

Freedom at last!!! We have pulled into a dock at Southern South Carolina and finally I am granted shore leave. Since moving aboard this boat I have been watched every minute. They report on my every move to each other, where I'm at, where my hiding places are, even, can you believe it the quantity and quality of my bowel movements. "Nelly took a dump!" one will shout. "Good solid logs." How disgusting.

So we pull into this dock and pretty quickly they cut me some slack and I'm on semi solid footing. I don't want them hassling me so I just stay pretty close for awhile. Then Mike & Sara go off to do laundry or some other boring chore and the old guy is the only one around and he's not paying any attention. So I'm outta here, down the dock stretching it out.

So much to see, so much to do, and so many birds to kill. I can't decide what to do first. Think I'll hop on this boat and check it out. After an hour or so of exploring and a couple near misses (I am so close to nailing this one little seabird that thinks he's a protected pet of our neighbor boat) I hear the old fart calling my name, so I duck into a big old boat and hide till he goes by. I can hear a little worry in his voice. It's so satisfying. He'd be in deep do do if I disappeared on his watch.

After a couple hours it doesn't seem like anyones looking for me anymore, guess I better go back and remind them of my exi1stence. Two whole days tied to the dock and I only got locked in the cabin a few times. Heaven! Maybe this cruising thing will be okay.

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