Sunday, November 6, 2011

Up The Creek

We arrived in Broad Creek Marina just yesterday and I would say it's the BEST marina in all of South Carolina.  It's an amazingly beautiful place, with dolphins swimming around the docks, marshes full of egrits and the people here are so friendly (friendly does not actually describe the people here), they have given us free parts galore, loaned us their bikes and cars, offered us rides around the island, bought us drinks and on top of all that, this spot has free moorage (yes, I said free!).  Typically a boat moorage along the East Coast, with wifi, showers, laundry, electricity, water and pump out is going to cost anywhere from $1.75 to $2.50 a foot.

When I called Bobbie, the dockmaster, before we arrived to Broad Creek Marina, he said "just tie up and walk up to the bar, it's free!"  I told Daubie and Mike this and they could not believe me.  They thought, surely he was just talking about the pump out or the water being free, it couldn't possibly be free moorage at the dock!  Oh and by the way, if you don't know what "pump-out" is, well, that's when you connect a huge hose to your boat and pump out the holding tank for the toilet, so it is contained and not just released into the ocean.  This is a pretty gross job and luckily, we have had good luck with this and no poop has gone flying or oozing overboard, I have heard and read horror stories of pump outs gone wrong!

Bobbie has shown us true island hospitality, and to be honest, it's hard to leave a place like this!  The plan is to take off tomorrow, but we'll see if that happens, right now, I'm enjoying the $4 all day happy hour Bloody Mary's!!


  1. Sounds like you need to look no further for paradise!

  2. Yeah, it doesn't get much better then this. Tough place to leave for sure, but we need to get down to Jacksonville to ship my pops out. lookin to find paradise anew! -mike

  3. this place sounds unreal!! why did you ever leave?? will have to go back...