Friday, December 16, 2011

Nelly Chronicles Part 6 & 7

Nelly Chronicles Part 6 & 7
By "Daubie" Jim Daubenberger

At last I have a plan. I can't believe it has taken me so long, but finally I know how to get rid of the old one. Today while I was performing my mid morning meditation it suddenly came to me. I will use my "Cat Powers" to drive him from the boat. Every time he gets comfortable I will lay down across from him and give him the evil eye. It has worked for eons for my predessessors. No human can withstand for long the "cat eye". He will fold in no time, I predict. There will be no respite. Here he comes, I begin immediately.

Part 7
Well, I've done it at last, the evil old one has packed his bags and I have complete access to the back of the boat. I think I'll move in back there as soon as the stench of him is gone. His blankets are pretty comfortable, the best part is that I can sneak back where none can find me and if they leave the locker door open, I can escape to the outside.

Well, thank the great cat for smallis favors. The old one is out the door, but this has been the most miserable two days of the whole cruise. We have been safe and sound at the dock since yesterday morning and I have been locked away down below the whole time. My people have been off galavanting, they come back full of laughter and sunshine and I have spent my whole day, the sunset feeding time and the morning sunrise sitting on the top step with my nose pressed tight against the laxau watching those miserable, shiny black grackles land right in my cockpit and strut about as if they owned the place. I'm going crazy I have to get out there. I'm going to have grackle fricasse if I can just sneak past my guards.

There's also some big yachts out there that need exploring. And there's the rub. I think my people thinkk that the people on those yachts don't want me there. Or maybe they're just jealouse cause I can get on those big yachts and hang out. I'll bet some of those big yacht people would like a cat. They've got plenty of room for a big litter box - hmmm. Maybe I should move up,, wonder if I should go power or sail.

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