Friday, December 23, 2011

Nelly Chronicles Part 8

Nelly Chronicles
By The voice of Nelly narrated by Mike "Daubie" Daubenberger

Well, its been a while since the old one left and I must admit I've gotten lost in the siblimity of it all. I went in to this trip with a goal of weekly journal entries, I guess you lose focus when your on vacation.

Since my last entry I can list three events of note that have occurred. First my people finally came back with a bathroom fit for a princess. I wondered if they would ever get my point. Who would think that I would have to use the facilities twice in their bedroom before they got my point. These people!! I digress, as for the new litter box, it is perfect, beige my favorite color, deep with lid and door and an air filtration system. Who would buy a litter box without a filtration system?  Can you believe it took them three tries?  They finally got it right.

Second we celebrated Thanksgiving on the boat or at least my people celebrated thanksgiving on the boat.  They cooked a feast including turkey, green beans, acorn squash, mashed potatoes, bellini's, and more.  Well what do you think they cooked me? Nothing!  Not a can of tuna, not a can of cat food, just a cold bowl of kibbles.  These people!  Did they think the pilgrims came to America without pet companionship.  Well if my history serves me correct and I believe it does, the pilgrims did come with cats and what did they get those cats for thanksgiving?  Live winged birds!  Can you believe it live winged birds!!  Now thats a feast!! First you get to play and then you get to dine.  Those were the days!!

Third we finally made it to Fort Lauderdale!!  I had really been looking forward to seeing the sights in Fort L.  The beaches, the huge houses, the canals, the bronzed tom cats, and of course the parade of boats light show.  Well as we entered the city I think my people got a little excited as well.  They completely forgot to check the log to see how much fuel we had left.  Well I had been keeping track and and for the last 30 minutes I had been trying to warn them to no avail.  I would nudge, meow, stand on the fuel filling hole but what would they say?  I think Nelly needs to go to the bathroom, is the door open , or I think Nelly is hungry, does she have any food?  Well I did everything I could short of filling the tank up myself but they never got the point.  When the thing sputtered to a stop, did they figure it out? No, Mike said they couldn't be out of gas, that they should have at least 5 gallons left.  5 gallons!! Who was he kidding?  He didn't even know where we had filled up last, Saint Augustine,  he thought we had filled up in Titusville, 150 miles down the road.  I hope the the wind keeps blowing because if we're going to depend on the motor and my people's mechanical abilities, we will surely be lost.

Well that updates the trip to date.  Wishing for sailing until next time.....

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  1. Congrats on your new litter box Nellie, I hear it's round.

    Best wishes, the old one.