Friday, March 23, 2012

Nellie Chronicles Part 18

"Sailor Cat For Life"
Transcribed for Nellie by the Old One

Well folks, I just can’t do it.  Last night it blew like hell, the rig was shaking and the anchor rode was as tight as one of the old ones guitar strings.  I realized that Mom & Dad really rely on me to keep watch at night.  I guess you could say I earn my kibbles.  I also spend a lot of my time comforting them when they get scared on those long passages.  It will be better now that the boat doesn’t leak and the engine runs.  That old guy did some good things on his visit.

And you know folks I’m going to miss the old “geezer”.  I really did like listening to his music.  He’s pretty good on the guitar and he loves an audience.  I even sort of purred once when he was petting me, but maybe I should just keep that little secret to myself.

Well, enough about him…. I’ve been having a great time here on Cat Island.  I just had quite a chuckle thinking about the “old one” opening his bag when he gets home and finding my unused getaway stash of kibbles.  Well till next time dear readers, this is Nelly on the “Tanqueray” for the long haul.

The old one

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  1. That first picture was really funny. It looks like the cat was scared of being out in the middle of the ocean.