Monday, March 5, 2012

Sushi Anyone?

Seared tuna

With all of our fishing adventures, what comes next is preparing and eating.  Which part is best is hard to say, I LOVE the catching, but the eating has not let us down.  We’ve been dining most nights aboard the spacious 40-foot trawler, Twilight, preparing some of the most elaborate meals that you couldn’t possibly find in a 5-star restaurant.   Not only has each meal surpassed the last, but fine dining has taken a new level as we’ve enjoyed: sushi, sashimi, seared tuna & wahoo, fish tacos, seafood pasta, fish bruschetta, lobster pizza and on and on.  Do I have you drooling yet?  If not, I think you will once you see the meals below.  Check out our boat food page for more pictures and information.

mahi fish taco


Seared tuna with asian slaw and brown rice

Wahoo and macaroni salad

Blackfin Tuna sashimi

Blackfin Tuna sushi

Blackfin tuna sashimi prep

Cutting tuna sushi rolls

Tuna bruschetta

Wahoo sashimi

Seafood paella (prepared by Daubie)

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  1. Can you please send some fresh fish home with my husband?